Graphic Novels for Elementary and Middle School

Looking for graphic novels that will appeal to elementary and middle school? You are in luck! Prepare yourselves for meteors, talking dogs, and lovable skeletal horses. These graphic novels are just a few that will have kids and teens running to library shelves in anticipation.

If you have been looking for a middle-grade graphic novel that has themes similar to those in The Search for Wondla and Jellaby, Zita the Space Girl is your answer! The story starts out by Zita and her friend finding a meteor that has a red button remote. As you can imagine, Zita is like any other child and desperately wants to push the red button. After she does this, her best friend is sent to another planet. That will teach her, right? Not so much. In order to save her friend, Zita soon embarks on a journey into an extraordinary world. Children and tweens will love this graphic novel because of the full-color aspect and the unique characters that Zita encounters.

Malcolm (Mal) is an elementary school supergenius who has instructed his dog, Chad, to speak. Being the supergenius that he is, Mal is also very capable of making inventions that well-known scientists only wish they could invent. His time machine and mini-mega-morpher are two of his many accomplishments, but he chooses to keep it a secret from everyone except Chad. What will happen when they go all Honey I Shrunk the Kids and shrink themselves to microscopic size and travel through time? As anyone can guess, humor and danger ensue! Children will enjoy the laughable banter between Mal and Chad on their exciting adventure.

Ghostopolis focuses on Frank Gallows, a ghost wrangler, and Garth Hale, a terminally ill boy. Frank accidentally zaps Garth into the in-between dimension of Ghostopolis. In this spirit world, Garth discovers he has unbelievable powers that are capable of conquering Master Vaugner, the evil dictator. But Garth just wants to get back to the land of the living. Assisted by Skinny, a sweet skeletal horse, and the ghost of his grandfather, Garth embarks on a journey to get back home. Just when Garth has almost lost all hope, Frank appears with ghost mechanic Claire Voyant in a time machine. Will Master Vaugner let Garth leave or will Garth be destined to live in Ghostopolis forever? Teens will love this graphic novel for the adventure, romance, humor, and flatulent werewolves! This title is also one of the ALA’s 2011 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens and will be a movie in 2013!


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Blogger:  Kristin J