National Pet Week

Being the huge animal-lover that I am, I wanted to make sure that National Pet Week (2nd week in May) is recognized as a very important week! Pets come in many shapes and sizes, some unexpected and some expected, but we love them anyway! Please enjoy these new picture books that might have you thinking about your own pets or adopting one for the first time!

Sally has no clue what she is in for when Mrs. Henshaw hands out eggs to her class. Expecting a chick, she is greeted by a green, dragon-like creature. He grows to a gigantic size, and instead of craving seeds and bugs, he wants to eat chicks and children! Sally sees the other children playing with their chicks and wonders why she got stuck with Argus. Regretfully, Argus goes missing, which leads Sally’s class on quite a mission. Will they find Argus, or is Sally better off without him? Humor along with engaging ink-and-watercolor art will surely entice children to find out the answer!

Abby falls in love with Gem, one of the new poodle puppies at the kennel where her aunt works. She is invited by her aunt to help prepare Gem for “Best in Show” potential, and she is so excited! On the big day of the dog show, Gem and Abby will have to conquer the odds in order to prove to the judges that Gem is a champion dog. Children will love the step-by-step approach that is used to get Gem ready for the dog show. They will also enjoy the pencil and watercolor-wash illustrations that add to the story.

Tabby D. Cat is the alley-cat that gives advice in Critterville. In hopes of helping her fellow animals she guides her followers in their search for happiness. For example, Fizzy Hamster is given advice to “stop and smell the cedar chips.” Sometimes the animals require more direction, but her knowledge always seems to triumph in the end! The positive messages that Tabby D. Cat humorously conveys are ones that children will recognize instantly. This book would be an excellent read-a-loud for children because of the positivity and the opportunity to act out different voices.

How will Sam ever decide on just one pup? He draws pictures of dogs and studies about them, but he still cannot decide if he will pick the right one or not. This cheerful story will thrill any dog lover, and could even have them begging for their own puppy! A great read-aloud option because of the rhyming text and the sweet illustrations.


Argus. Michelle Knudsen. 2011.

Best in Show. Karen Lefrak. 2011.

Dear Tabby. Carolyn Crimi. 2011.

Pick a Pup. Marsha Wilson Chall. 2011.

Blogger: Kristin J.