Elementary Books for Boys

This statistic provided by GuysRead.com was what initially motivated me to post about books for boys:  “The U.S. Department of Education reading tests for the last 30 years show boys scoring worse than girls in every age group, every year.” During library school, I remember learning about the lack of interesting reading material that was available to boys at that time (which was about 1 year ago). Now I am happy to say that I have seen an abundance of titles cross my desk, which is why I had to list off some titles for this posting! Also, please check out my extended bibliography for some other great new titles that are available now!

Fans acquainted with the Bone series are in for a real treat! Quest for the Spark is a full-text adventure set in the world of Bone that focuses on a Valley turnip farmer named Young Tom. Tom has always wanted to be a hero, and now is the time for him to prove his fearless qualities. In order to save his family and the valley citizens from unending sleep, he must find the ‘spark’ that will save them all. This is an enjoyable edition to the series that will ‘spark’ new interest in devoted fans and attract new fans as well to this fantastic series!

Pilot & Huxley are zapped into another dimension called the Forest of Gruesome Death, all because of an overdue video. How will they ever make it home? This high-interest graphic novel series will certainly appeal to boy readers who enjoy gross-out humor as well as adventure. Be sure to check out Pilot & Huxley #2: The Next Adventure in September 2011!

In this fifth installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Greg Heffley finds himself in a hurry to reach his childhood ‘expiration date.’ Little does he know that means pimples, boy-girl parties and responsibility. Again, Jeff Kinney is a master at turning middle-school antics into entertaining fare for new and old fans of the series.

Mac and his business partner/best friend, Vince will help you with your problems—for a price. Business is going well until a third grader claims he’s being threatened by well-known crime boss and dropout, Staples. First time author Chris Rylander weaves film noir and Godfather themes into a well-written story with a great cast of characters that boys will not be able to put down.

National Book Award winner, Kathryn Erskine, brings us a very different story than her Mockingbird. Mike has a math learning disability, which creates a disconnect with his dad (because he only speaks calculus). Being sent to Pennsylvania to work on an engineering project seems like a great way to prove himself to his dad, but will he succeed? Boys will love the wacky cast of characters as well as Mike’s valuable character growth interwoven with a humorous twist. This title will be available for purchase in June 2011!

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