Book Review: Abandon

Abandon by Meg Cabot. 2011.

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with Greek mythology. I remember pouring over stories of Hermes and Perseus, but the one story I kept coming back to was The Myth of Hades and Persephone. The romantic in me adores the fact that Hades is willing to allow the earth to be destroyed in order to be with the woman he loves. I’m sure it sounds sappy, but stories of soul-mates and star-crossed love have always been my favorites. Many teens love these kinds of tales as well, which is why I know they will become hooked on the Abandon trilogy.

Pierce Olivera has been to the Underworld and survived. Seems crazy, right? After her near-death experience, Pierce and her mother decide to move away from their past, and make a fresh start on Isla Huesos (Bone Island). The only bad thing is, the Underworld and John (aka “Prince Terrifying”) still haunt her dreams and reality. Will Pierce ever be able to escape death’s grasp and live a normal teenaged life?

Abandon is definitely not your typical Meg Cabot novel. Many readers know her as thereigning grande dame of teenage chick lit” (which she is), but this is her return to the young-adult paranormal genre.  Pierce typifies many of Cabot’s leading ladies. She is self-sufficient, and the reader ultimately cares about what happens to her. One of the main reasons I adore Pierce is for this statement alone: “It’s only in fairy tales that princesses can afford to wait for the handsome prince to save them. In real life, they have to bust out of their own coffins and do the saving themselves.”

Although Abandon is a modern re-telling of the Hades and Persephone myth, do not expect it to play out exactly like the Greek myth. Also, keep in mind that this book is the first in a trilogy. Knowing this may help you with the pacing of Abandon. Cabot uses foreshadowing as a way to tell the story from Pierce’s point of view. This is an effective method of storytelling, but it might become confusing at times. If you become confused, keep going! I promise that this title is definitely worth your time–especially if you are a huge fan of paranormal romance! Plus, it’s Meg Cabot! In my mind, everything she does turns to gold. Can you tell I’m a groupie?

Look for the next book in the Abandon trilogy, Underworld, coming out in summer 2012!

If you absolutely cannot get enough of the Hades and Persephone myth, be sure to check out: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter.

Kristin J.