Book review: Return of the Dapper Men

Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann, with art by Janet Lee.

In the land of Anorev time has ceased to exist, and machines and children are left to their own devices.  Without time, everything remains status quo.  The children cannot grow older, and they find themselves toiling away with play.  The machines are also in the same situation, but they remain constantly at their task.  So long has time not existed that the groups are separated from its reality.  The children hide themselves underground, while the machines stay in their homes.

It is only through the kinship of the boy Ayden and his machine friend Zoe that any contact between the two groups remains.  However, the world of Anorev will never be the same, because the return of 314 Dapper Men falling from the sky starts time again.  Tick Tock…

Readers will be enamored by the richness of imagination in graphic novel storytelling, a richness that could rival that of the great Roald Dahl.  An all age appropriate graphic novel that has the potential to garner many awards this coming fall.

Tuan N.