Asking Questions

Engage kids’ natural curiosity with these books that tackle questions from various perspectives.

For your littlest listeners, Eve Bunting’s latest picture book, Tweak Tweak, is a gentle look at the animal world through the eyes of a young elephant who keeps “tweaking” his mother’s tail to ask another question.  The parent-child interaction combined with the animal sounds and the delightful imagination of the young elephant make this a perfect pick for preschoolers.

Marcus Pfister departs from his usual style in Questions, Questions.  This deceptively simple picture book features brightly-colored illustrations that invite looking closely to see the intricate textures he created with a painted paper method briefly explained in an afterword.  Each spread features one question about the natural world, asked in a rhyming couplet.  There are no answers in this book, but I imagine it would be hard to read this book without being inspired to find some answers.

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? is a clever  concept book that will have kids finishing the questions with the rhyming word and guessing the answer.  The review at the end of the book provides the answers and reinforces the main point that some things grow and some things don’t.  Even if you usually pass on lift-the-flap books in your library, this is one to consider.

In That’s How by Christoph Niemann, two kids ponder how things work.  “How does a truck work?” the girl asks, and we turn the page for the boy’s answer, which is a peek inside of a truck powered by a lion working some gears.  This book first surprised, then delighted, my preschooler, and I believe it will have even school-age kids thinking creatively about how things might work.


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Questions, Questions by Marcus Pfister. 2011.

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Tweak Tweak by Eve Bunting. 2011.

Blogger: Mindy R.