Graphic Novel: The Last Zombie

The Last Zombie. Story by Brian Keene, art by Joseph Wright. 2011.

Imagine a world where the distinctive smell of rotting flesh is the norm.  As you scavenge for food, surrounded by pits of death, you are mistaken for a zombie.  Only you are not a zombie, but are only infected with the disease of leprosy.

Wow.  What a twist of fate for a post-apocalyptic zombie world.  Readers will relish the darkness of the black and white(s) as it sets the tone for the impending story.  Nontraditional lettering provides a sui generis to the story.   This is a must-have for readers that can’t get enough death and rotting flesh.


The first installment in the series suggests it is for mature readers (language and violence).  It still would work well for any adult or young adult collection.

Blogger:  Tuan N