Book Review: Blood Magic

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton. 2011.

Nothing has felt quite right to Silla Kennicot ever since her parents’ horrific deaths. That is, until a mysterious spell book arrives, a book that she believes will help resolve many unanswered questions. The spells in this magical book are very different from your typical ‘double, double toil and trouble’ witchcraft. These spells require only one ingredient: blood.

In her first attempt at performing magic, Silla is discovered by Nick, the new boy in town. Little does she realize that Nick is all too familiar with the allure of blood magic. Together, they venture into the world of dark magic, not knowing that a hundred-year-old blood witch is hot on their trail to reclaim the spell book and all of its power. If you are interested in a fresh insight into the world of magic, along with a pulse-racing story..Blood Magic is for you!

Blood Magic amazed me in so many ways. I loved the dual narrative between Silla and Nick. The frequent switching of perspectives between chapters intrigued me and engaged me in the story. This approach also helped me to see how their relationship develops from both sides, which I thought was an added touch for this dark Southern Gothic type novel.

The flashback diary entries were another wonderful edition to this novel. Going into the mind of Josephine Darley (the blood witch) was quite the experience! At first, her diary entries seemed harmless but as time goes on the reader will see a different side of her–a more dangerous and sinister side–that becomes more apparent in the present-day plot.

Just a friendly warning: if blood makes you queasy this novel might not be for you. Blood is featured pretty often (hence the title), with some disturbing scenes that are definitely not for the faint of heart (this is also why we recommend it for high school students). Despite some gruesome scenes, this novel will definitely appeal to teenage girls who love dark and disturbing paranormal elements, romance, and magic.

Be prepared for a shocking ending and serious repercussions. Believe me, it threw me for a loop! Blood Magic definitely has me anticipating its companion novel, The Blood Keeper, which comes out in Summer 2012.

On a more personal note, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Tessa Gratton on the Forever book tour with Maggie Stiefvater last month. It was so lovely to meet her (since I am a huge fan of hers) and express my excitement for her debut novel. Inside my copy of Blood Magic she signed it: ‘Beware body-snatchers.’ If that doesn’t give you a clue to how impressive her novel is, I don’t know what does!

Blogger: Kristin J.