Graphic Novels for Middle School and High School

Is your graphic novel collection in dire need of some new titles? It’s your lucky day! Tweens and teens will love reading about Greek mythology, dragons, cowhands, rebels, and vampires. Check out the newest and best graphic titles for yourself (or your students)!

Hades: Lord of the Dead by George O’Connor. 2012. 9781596437616. Gr 5-8.

This amazing graphic novel tells the story of the famous God of the Underworld, who lures the beautiful Persephone into his lair. In the Olympians series, O’Connor uses information from primary documents in his re-tellings of these Greek myths. Action, drama, and romance make this series a perfect companion for fans of  Percy Jackson!

The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Rebecca Guay. 2011. 9781595827982. Gr 6-12.

Tansy, the youngest daughter of the village healer, discovers fireweed, a plant that was last seen 200 years ago when dragons roamed the Earth. Shortly after this discovery, her father goes missing, leaving only his burned herb pouch behind. The town decides that the only logical solution is to find a hero to fight the dragon. Will the village find a hero, or will Tandy have to use the skills of the entire village to save them all? Don’t miss this wonderful folktale.

Best Shot in the West: The Adventures of Nat Love by Patricia C. McKissack and Frederick L. McKissack, illustrated by Randy Duburke. 2012. 9780811857499. Gr 5-10.

Did you know that about a quarter of actual cowhands were African-American? This is a story about the champion horse breaker and rifle shot, Deadwood Dick. Otherwise known as Nat Love, he was a contemporary ‘Billy the Kid;’ born a slave in 1854, he eventually gained his freedom. He won recognition as a cowboy and mastered many things including sharpshooting, driving, and roping. A wonderful, inspirational story that celebrates the life of a legendary American.

Uglies: Shay’s Story by Scott Westerfeld, illustrated by Devin Grayson. 2012. 9780345527226. Gr 7-10.

Fans of Westerfeld’s Uglies and Pretties will enjoy Shay’s narration in this graphic novel spin-off. Shay, a young rebel, travels to the world ruins past the city, where she finds other teenagers wanting to escape their strict lives. Soon she must make a compelling decision: accept the way her society works and get the operation, or be true to herself.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel: 2 by Stephenie Meyer, illustrated by Kim Young. 2011. 9780316133197. Gr 7-12.

The second volume of Twilight: The Graphic Novel completes the graphic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel. Bella has finally uncovered the mysterious secret about Edward Cullen, and has embraced her feelings for him. Will he be able to protect her from a rival clan of vampires, especially the tracker, James? Or will Bella have to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect everyone that is dear to her? An amazing companion to the Twilight Saga, this graphic novel is complemented by Young’s gorgeous artwork.

Kristin J.