Road Trip Fiction

Right now I’m on vacation in Utah and will be driving back to Minnesota tomorrow.  In honor of that cross country trip, I thought I would do a post all about road tripping titles.  Whether to give a horse its freedom, or to grieve over the loss of a loved one, these titles reflect on the great changes a road trip can make.

Finding Somewhere by Joseph Monninger.  November, 2011.  9780385907897.  Gr. 8-12.

Hattie and Delores always planned on going on a road trip out west. When Hattie finds out her favorite horse Speed is about to be put down in his old age, the friend’s road trip turns into a quest to save Speed and give him one last taste of freedom. Stealing him in the middle of the night, the girls make their way west in search of rangeland where Speed can live out his last days wild and free. But as their trip takes unexpected twists and turns, the girls must face the reasons they wanted to leave home in the first place.

In Honor by Jessi Kirby.  May, 2012.  9781442416970.  Gr. 9-12.

Three days after her brother’s funeral, Honor receives a letter he sent from the army before he died.  Included with the letter are concert tickets and a request that she tell pop star Kyra Kelly about her handsome older brother.  Honor takes the request to heart, determined to drive to California to attend the concert, but she doesn’t plan on her brother’s obnoxious and recently distant friend Rusty insisting on joining her.  The two make their way from Texas to California encountering new people and new experiences that help Honor cope with the loss of her brother.  As secrets are revealed and feelings discovered, Honor learns to accept her brother’s death and move toward a brighter future.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson.  May, 2010.  9781416990659.  Gr. 9-12.

After Amy’s father dies in a car crash, her brother is sent to rehab and her mother takes a job in Connecticut and arranges for Amy to drive out there from California as soon as her junior year ends.  Still afraid to drive after her father’s accident, her mom has Roger, the 19-old-year son of an old family friend, drive with her.  The two quickly decide to ditch the mother’s planned itinerary in search of more adventure and spontaneous detours to places such as Yosemite and Graceland.  As with In Honor, the road trip and the people she meets help Amy come to terms with her loss.  In addition to the regular narrative, Matson also includes playlists, pictures, receipts, and menus to give the book a scrapbook type of feel.

Lindsey L.