It’s Complicated…

“It’s complicated” is a Facebook relationship status option for a reason. No matter your age, romantic relationships can be quite complicated, but teen relationships can be particularly complicated due to youth and lack of life experience.

Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt takes on cheating.  The story begins on the first day of Hannah’s senior year of high school.  She is nervous about seeing her best friend Ava again after what has happened, since Ava has been at camp for most of the summer.  Then we flash back to the beginning of the summer as Hannah and Ava’s boyfriend Noah start spending more and more time together, and things get complicated when they start to feel like more than friends.  While this is a light read that fans of teen chick lit will enjoy, it doesn’t make light of the pain that comes from cheating for any of the parties involved.

Lauren Barnholdt’s latest novel, The Thing About the Truth, looks at another complication common in relationships: honesty.  Kelsey and Isaac are the last people you’d think would fall for each other.  From the moment they meet, they each judge the other pretty negatively.  Readers get both perspectives, so it’s easy to sympathize.  Kelsey does kind of come off as a snob, and Isaac does seem pretty entitled.  Of course, they soon get past these first impressions and find themselves falling in love.  Until one little lie ruins everything.  The humor and emotion in this novel will draw readers in and keep them reading.

My Life Next Door is a debut novel by Huntley Fitzpatrick that teen romance readers will not want to miss.  Samantha Reed has been secretly watching her next-door neighbors for years.  The Garrett family seems so completely opposite from her own quiet, picture-perfect family.  They are loud, affectionate, and seem so chaotic—all of which earn her mother’s disapproval.  Jase hardly seems like a bad boy, though.  He loves animals, he works hard at the family business, and he is very sweet to Samantha.  Their relationship is wonderfully uncomplicated until an accident changes everything, and Sam is torn between her mom and the boy she loves.  This is a romance that will stick with you. Highly recommended for older teen readers.

Want more romance?  Check out my post from last February, which featured three new romances.  More interested in the complications?  Try the books from this post about teens making difficult choices.  Either way, enjoy!


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