Want to Live Forever?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to live forever (seems like it would get kinda long), but I’ve recently read a couple books that make the possibility intriguing.  No, these aren’t vampires or werewolves or any other kind of mystical creature that lives forever.  These books explore the possibility of living forever through scientific discovery, which I found very refreshing.  Another thing I love about these books…they are both stand-alones!  I love a good series as much as the next reader, but it’s so nice to read a book that starts and finishes all in one novel once in awhile.

Origin by Jessica Khoury. 9781595145956.  Coming out September 4th, 2012.  Grades 9-12.  (ARC Copy)

Pia is one of a kind, literally. Raised deep in the Amazonian rainforest on a restricted compound, she is the creation of a team of scientist striving to create an immortal race. The night of her 17th birthday, Pia discovers a way out of the compound and decides to explore the surrounding jungle. There she meets Eio, a local village boy, who helps her uncover secrets behind the scientists’ experiments. Readers who love science fiction and mystery will be tearing through the pages from this debut novelist.

I loved the mystery of this novel.  You know something sinister is going on within the compound, but I never guessed what it was until the author revealed it.  That kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the story.  Pia was also a believable character whose growth and self-realization was, in my opinion, realistically portrayed.  The romance was a little quick, but that can easily be overlooked by all the other great elements of this story.

Revived by Cat Patrick.  9780316094627.  2012.  Grades 7-12.  (ARC Copy)

Daisy Appleby has died five times in the last fifteen years. She is brought back to life each time with Revive, a drug created by a secret government agency. After her last brush with death, Daisy and the agents who monitor her move to Omaha, Nebraska for a fresh start. There she meets siblings Audrey and Matt. When her friendship with Matt turns deeper, and she finds out Audrey’s secret, Daisy starts to question the moral implications of Revive and the true intentions of the agency who created it.

Technically Daisy isn’t immortal, but since she can overcome death, I thought it still went with the theme of the post.  This novel had a good blend of romance, mystery, action mixed with everyday teen issues.  When they move to Nebraska, Daisy allows herself to connect with peers for the first time, and doing so makes her start questioning the life she’s been given due to the Revive drug.  The romance was sweet and realistically portrayed.  I thought all of the characters were done well actually.  This is a great read for anyone looking for science fiction that feels realistic…with a little romance thrown in.

Lindsey L.