Book Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Coming out Sept. 18, 2012. 9780545424929. Grades 9-12. (ARC Copy).

Blue comes from a family of psychics, but she has no powers of her own, just the ability to boost the psychic abilities of others. So when she sees a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, she’s told that he’s either her true love or she’ll kill him within the next year. The mystery deepens when Blue meets Gansey and his friends from the local prep school school. They are known as the Raven Boys, and Blue wants nothing to do with them until she realizes that Gansey is the spirit from the cemetery. Gansey is on his own quest to discover the ley lines and awaken a sleeping king. The five of them work together to uncover the mysteries of the ley lines, but they are unaware of the dark forces working against them.

This is one of those books that is so hard to describe, and you want to tell people to just pick it up and read it! In my opinion, this is Maggie’s best book yet. It’s the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, romance, and supernatural. I’ll have to admit, I wanted a little more romance in Scorpio Races, and that’s what Maggie delivers with this novel, but she manages to do so without making it the main focus of the plot.

Oh and the characters! Don’t get me started on the characters! Maggie shows sheer genius with her character development in The Raven Boys. Each character is drawn out, complex, and unique. She uncovers layer after layer of character development while still hinting at more being revealed in later books. Adam was my favorite character because of his struggles throughout the book. He is a scholarship student at the prep school so while he is surrounded by privilege, he himself has to work hard for every little thing. There are also domestic issues to deal he has to deal with, but I don’t want to go into too much detail. His vulnerability, yet determination won him a spot on my top ten best male characters list.

I also loved Blue. She’s feisty and sassy, but loyal and kind. Her first encounter with Gansey had me laughing out loud. She grows a lot throughout the book and comes into her own. She defies her mother for the first time in her life, and allows herself the possibility of love even when she knows it may end in tragedy. I’m glad Maggie decided to write from multiple character’s points of view. I enjoyed the shifting views because it really let you get inside the character’s heads to get to know them better.

Pick up this book and read it! You won’t be disappointed.

Also check out this amazing book trailer done by Maggie herself.  To see the making of it, check out her blog.

Lindsey L.