It’s a bird; it’s a plane! No, It’s a Tiger!

It’s a Tiger! by David LaRochelle (ill. by Jeremy Tankard). 9780811869256. 2012. Gr P-1.

When my boys were little, any time I sat down, they would come running with a pile of books.  “Mom, read to me!”  I might have been planning to sew or read or call my mom on the phone, but whenever I made a lap, it was story time.

“Are you ready for a story?”

The narrator, a young child, in David LaRochelle’s newest picture book is ready to make up his own story.  The setting is the jungle with tall trees and monkeys and vines.  But wait…what’s that hanging from the tree?  That’s not a monkey.  It’s a tiger!  RUN!

The narrator hides in a cave.  But wait…what are those shadows?  It’s a tiger!  RUN!

Wherever the narrator goes—out in the sunshine, across the canyon, in a boat, and on a deserted island—the tiger pops up.  But is it chasing us?  Does it really want to eat us?  There is more than one surprise at the end of the book.

It’s a Tiger! is a great interactive read-aloud for preschoolers to primary students.  I would have loved reading this to my daycare kids—and we would have actually gotten up and run from room to room whenever the tiger appeared.   Kids will also have fun searching Jeremy Tankard’s art for the tiger’s hiding places.

Check back tomorrow for an interview with David.  We’ll be asking him about It’s a Tiger! as well as some of his other picture books.

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Blogger:  Tracey L.