Book Review: Moo Hoo

Moo Hoo by Candace Ryan and Mike Lowery (ill.). April 2012. 9780802723376. Gr. PS-K

Last fall, I posted How to Make Friends, which featured advice from a few picture books for little kids looking for play-mates.  As the mom of a four-year-old, I was particularly interested in gently encouraging my daughter to play nicely with her peers.   Now that my daughter is attending preschool with a whole class full of other kids, I feel like friendship has only gotten more complicated.

That’s where Moo Hoo comes in. In this book, you can see that two isn’t too hard—especially if you have something in common.  Cow and Owl both love superheroes, they like to make music, and they are pretty good as cooperating to fix broken toys.  They are best friends.   But when Kangaroo shows up, Cow and Owl don’t really know what to do.  Kangaroo seems to like the same things they like, but they look the other way when Roo tries to play with them.

Of course, three isn’t so bad, and in the end Cow, Owl, and Roo form the “New True Crew.”  It’s a simple story primarily told with sound words that manage to convey a great deal of emotion and create a fun tongue twister for parents and teachers who attempt to read it aloud.    The team behind Ribbit Rabbit have created another wonderful ode to friendship that will be perfect for your littlest listeners who are still working out the social intricacies of their world.

Not to mention, these little animals are adorable.  Check out the crew, and color them too! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

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