Great Graphic Novels for Girls

Graphic novels are not just for boys anymore (if they ever were).  We have heroes like Zita (from Zita the Spacegirl) and Mirka (from Hereville) who prove that girls don’t have to stand on the sidelines cheering on the guys. They can kick some serious butt on their own.  Not really into epic adventures?  We also have Babymouse, which is as pink and girly as you can get.

Here are just a few new titles your tween and teen girls will want to read from fantastic adventure to realistic fiction in graphic novel format.

Giants Beware! by Rafael Rosada and Jorge Aguirre. April 2012. 9781596435827. Gr. 2-5.

Turn the typical fairy tale on its head with Giants Beware! This graphic novel stars a little girl who dreams of slaying giants, her princess-wanna-be friend and a little boy whose talents aren’t traditionally male. The three of them set out to slay the legendary giant, and along the way they prove their bravery and ingenuity as they face the Apple Hag in the Forest of Death, the Water King in the Mad River, and finally the giant himself.  This is a great adventure with lots of heart.  It might not look like a “girl book” from the cover, but it’s a great girl power story that you will want to recommend to your tweens.

Drama by Raina Telgemeier. September 2012. 9780545326988. Gr. 6-8.

Middle school is full of drama, on-stage and off.  Callie knows she loves the theater, and she has found a place for herself behind the scenes as her school drama club’s set director.  Her off-stage life is much more confusing with boys who may or may not like her and new friends who may or may not be gay.   There is a lot to like in this sweet story, and tween girls will be rooting for Callie as she attempts to sort it all out. Our Graphic Novel reviewer, Tuan, shared his thoughts on Drama in this review.

Lou! : Secret Diary by Julien Neel. April 2012. 9780761387763. Gr. 6-8.

Secret Diary is the first book in an award-winning series from France about Lou, a twelve-year-old girl with a big personality.  Lou spends a lot of time thinking about the boy she has a crush on, clothes, and getting out of gym class.  She is close with her mom, an aspiring novelist who plays a lot of video games, and they are more alike than either of them realize. For one thing, both Lou and her mom have crushes on neighbors but they are both too shy to admit how they feel.  Lou does her best to get her mom and Richard together, but crushes are complicated.  Lou’s story is fun, and tween girls will relate to her as she figures out what it means to grow up.

Peanut by Ayun Halliday and Paul Hoppe. January 2013. 9780375965906 Gr. 7-10.

It’s hard to be the new girl at school.  Everyone knows everyone, and no one knows you or cares who you are.  But Sadie has come up with a way to stand out at her new school. She is going to tell everyone about her life threatening peanut allergy… that she doesn’t really have.  Soon Sadie has a dramatic story about a near-fatal encounter with a peanut circulating about her.  She has friends, and soon she has a boyfriend.  But her lie gets harder and harder to maintain.  A fake allergy is actually a lot more difficult than you might expect.  This story explores the very common fear of starting over and the idea that we can remake ourselves in a new place.

What are some of your favorite graphic novels for girls? 

Blogger: Mindy R.