Book Review: False Memory

False Memory by Dan Krokos. August 2012. 9781423149767. Gr. 7-12.

Imagine waking up on a park bench with no memory of how you got there.  You intuitively know your name and how old you are, but are shocked to see the foreign face looking back at you when you peer into a public restroom mirror.

As if this isn’t troubling enough, when you seek out a mall security guard for help, he becomes suspicious and when he puts his hands on you to usher you out of the mall, your body reacts by instinctively performing a martial-arts style move and flipping him head-over-heels to the ground.  But the most troubling part of this scenario is yet to come.  When you go to stop the guard from Tasering you, you somehow radiate waves from inside your head that causes complete and utter panic and fear in the guard and everyone near you.  People launch themselves down stairwells and trample one another to escape, leaving behind a landscape that is littered with dead and injured people that just moments ago were going about their business, shopping, eating, and chatting with each other.

This is the harrowing experience of Miranda North, the central character in False Memory.  She then meets Peter in the mall, and he seems to be the only one not affected by her psychic ability.  He tells her that he knows who she is and why she has affected people’s minds.  But, Miranda, with her lost memory, has no frame of reference for anything, including Peter.  Can she trust him?

Peter tells Miranda that she is part of a highly trained team of teens that have been engineered to be lethal weapons.  A side effect of her psychic powers is that she has to take a periodic injection in order to preserve her memories, and the lack of this shot is obviously the cause of her current memory loss, but there are questions to be answered about why she was not given her shot.  At every turn, she wonders if she trusts the right people, as they may be manipulating her to suit their own needs.  In addition, some memories are returning to her in bits and pieces, and this both clarifies and confuses her thoughts further.  She embarks on a mission with her team to find out what they are being trained for, and for whom they will be working.

False Memory is a mind-bending, fast-paced thrill ride that is full of twists.  There is a romantic subplot thrown in for good measure, but the heart of this book is the action-packed adventure of a strong and smart heroine.  A cliffhanger ending that foreshadows book number two in the series will make readers want to seek out the next book.

Check out the awesome book trailer for False Memory, then use your brainwaves not for evil, but to read this book!


Blogger: Ryan H.