Three Humorous Graphic Novels for Kids

I mostly read realistic teen fiction, and often these books deal with young people in difficult situations. Frankly, sometimes I need a bit of a break from the heavy stuff. Maybe you do too.  Here are some humorous graphic novels that have crossed my desk recently that just might be the break you need.

benjaminbearBenjamin Bear in Bright Ideas by Philippe Coudray. March 2013. 9781935179221. Gr. PS-1.

Benjamin Bear has lots of ideas. Unfortunately, they are not always good ideas.  Kids will laugh at the antics, but they may also glean some good ideas about cause and effect or creative problem solving in the one-page comics in this book.  French artist Phillippe Coudray has created another winner for emerging readers (or anyone with a silly sense of humor) in this series with Bright Ideas.

Aariolriol: Just a Donkey Like You and Me by Emmanuel Gilbert. February 2013. 9781597073998. Gr. 3-6.

Don’t let the all animal cast in this graphic novel fool you.  It is indeed realistic fiction.  Ariol and his friends have comical mishaps in chapters that feel like short stories.  It is easy to read and highly relatable.  It’s a great choice for the in-between kids who are young enough to enjoy Ariol’s wild imagination and old enough to sympathize when Ariol embarrasses himself in front of his crush.

chickenhareChickenhare by Chris Grine. February 2013. 9780545485081. Gr 6-8.

Looking for something kind of unusual? Meet Chickenhare. He has just been captured by a trapper who intends to sell his unusual captive to an exotic animal collector.  You might be wondering what a  chickenhare actually is.  Well, it’s half chicken, half rabbit, of course.  And he is in quite a situation because this exotic animal collector is actually a twisted taxidermist determined to turn him into home décor.  Chickenhare and a few odd friends are determined to escape and that’s where the adventure begins.  There is plenty of action along with a mix of horror and humor that will have plenty of appeal to readers who like offbeat adventure/comedies.

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