Swiss Picture Books Worth Looking For!

It is true that North America is blessed with many talented children’s book authors and illustrators, but searching abroad for different books can reap some pretty amazing rewards. The partnership of author Germano Zullo and his wife, Albertine, is one such gem from Switzerland. Here is a fun short film they created with director Claude Barras:


Line 135 is a striking picture book that will be available in English next month. The intricate  illustrations, bold colors, unusual trim size (13.25″ x 8″) and matter-of-fact prose told from a child’s point of view combine to make a beautiful picture book with an important message: never forget that anything’s possible if you set your mind to it. (9781452119342. Gr. PS-2.)

Last year saw Little Bird by this author/illustrator pair. In this special book, a man who cares for a plain little bird is rewarded for his kindness with a unique and wonderful gift. Although the lush illustrations tell much of the story, the sparse words make a big impact: “Because little things are not made to be noticed. They are there to be 2981813discovered…Just one is enough to change the world.” (9781592701186. Gr. K-2.)

Zullo and Albertine have published a number of other children’s books to look for as well, including Marta and the Bicycle and Sky High, a 2012 publication featured in the book trailer shown below. (9781929132355. Gr. PS-2.; 9781452113920. Gr. K-3.)

Incorporating fun kid-friendly literature from other parts of the world enriches any school library or classroom. These are just a few great examples!


Blogger: Lori C.