Review : A Real Prince Is Hard to Find

A Real Prince Is Hard to Find by Joanna Rivard. 9781619632158. 2013. Gr K-2.

Many of us watched the romance and wedding of Prince William and Kate, and we’ve all heard the news about the latest addition to the royal line in England.  I actually became more interested after I heard the name that was chosen for little prince : George Alexander Louis—you see, my older son’s name is Alexander George Luehrs (pronounced “lures”).

This lovely picture book tells the story of Prince William and Kate as if it were a fairy tale, from “once upon a time” through “happily ever after.”  But in contrast to the huge hullabaloo that news of everything royal seems to generate, the author presents the story in a casual, matter-of-fact tone.

“Kate dreamed of meeting a handsome prince. But real princes are quite hard to find. So when she grew up she went off to university.”   And my favorite is what happened after the wedding:   “William’s grandmother threw a huge party at her house.”  No mention of the fact that the grandmother is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II (the entirety of her title is too long to include here) and that her house is Buckingham Palace.

This fairy tale ends with the birth of their baby, who joins them at their house in the country—which thankfully, is big enough so they don’t have to trade up.

Blogger : Tracey L.