Just for Fun

We here at Books in Bloom spend a lot of time reading and blogging about books for the classroom on serious curriculum topics.  And that’s good.  We’re definitely going to keep doing that.  But today, I have three books that are just for fun.  They might be light and funny, but they are books that your students will notice and remember.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

akissiIt is one thing after another for Akissi. It’s not that she’s looking for trouble exactly; it just seems to find her.   Akissi: Feline Invasion is a popular French comic published in English for the first time, and it’s about a young girl in a West African town. Some of Akissi’s adventures seem kind of exotic.  Not many kids are followed by neighborhood cats when they are tasked with taking a dead fish across town.  At least, that’s not common here in Minneapolis.  But there’s a lot that kids will relate to here too, like Akissi’s annoying brother and bossy parents.  The real memorable moment, though, is the ending. It’s super gross, and kids will love it.  (9781909263017. July 2013. Gr. 1-3)

warningThere’s a warning on the cover.  On the jacket flap. Warnings cover the end pages.  Even the first page says “Danger.” You don’t want to let the monkeys out.   So you can’t say you didn’t know what you were getting into here.  The next page even gives you one last chance to back out of this decision.  How bad could it be, though, right?  One thing leads to another, and every turn of the page seems to top what happened last until the reader has to set a trap to get things under control again.  This is interactive fun from a debut picture book author.  (9781442435827. August 2013. Gr. Ps-1)

battlebunnyIf ignoring all those warnings wasn’t subversive enough for you, then give Battle Bunny a try.  Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett have teamed up to create a book that breaks all the rules in the best way possible.  It all starts when Alex’s grandma gives him a book.  Birthday Bunny is such a sweet story.  Alex will love it.  You can imagine little Alex loving it, right?  No, no, no.  Alex has his own ideas, and he isn’t afraid to use them.  This book is full of funny stuff from the very first page to the back cover.  Kids will pore over all of Alex’s edits with glee.  I know I did. (9781442446731. October 2013. Gr. 2-5)

What are your favorite fun titles to share with your students?  Share your titles in the comments or tweet us @MackinBooks.


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