Bugs : Invading Your Personal Space

Bugs in My Hair! by David Shannon. 9780545143134. 2013. Gr K-2.

There are some conditions that one does not discuss or admit to having.  I have been fortunate not to have had any issues with lice—either on me or on my sons.  Really—we’ve never had lice; I wouldn’t lie to you!

Bugs in my hairHowever, the little boy in Bugs in My Hair! is not so lucky. This hilarious book explains what lice are and how you get them, the emotions that come with having lice (mostly humiliation and panic), and where the terms “lousy” and “nitpicking” come from.

And since this book is by David Shannon, he explains all this with over-the-top close-ups and a great dollop of humor—including a caped louse with vampire teeth, a monstrous Bugzilla conquering the world, and the best depiction of the difference between how big your lice problem feels and the actual size of a louse.

The book won’t hebugs in my hair-1lp with the itching and probably won’t help with the embarrassment, but at least kids who come down with lice will know that they are not alone.

I really, honestly, have never had lice; however, I do know just how Shannon’s protagonist feels!

I was fortunate enough to have scabies when I worked in a nursing home during college.  I have also been bitten by fleas brought into our house by visiting relatives (actually, their dog brought the fleas).  When I picked up my new cocker spaniel puppy, the breeder sent a case of fur mites with him—mites that bothered him not the slightest, but drove me crazy with itching. After my springer spaniels and I would take a long walk in tall grass and trees, they came back tick-free but—you guessed it—I was crawling with them. And finally, I am also a natural mosquito repellent—for everybody else within ten feet of me.

I’m itching all over after writing this. And I think I’ll maybe start training my current dogs to sniff out bed bugs!

More books about lice:

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Head Lice (Head-to-Toe Health series) by Elaine Landau. 9780761435013. 2010. Gr 2-4.

What’s Bugging Nurse Penny? : A Story about Lice by Catherine Stier & Suzanne Beaky (illus.). 9780807588031. 2013. Gr PS-2.

Yikes—Lice! by Donna Caffey & Patrick Girouard (illus.). 9780807593752. 2002. Gr K-3.

You Have Head Lice! (Rookie Read-about-Health series) by Susan Derkazarian. 9780516279206. 2005. Gr. 1-3.

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