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Here at Mackin, we love our customers!  I personally think school librarians are some of the hardest working, least-appreciated folks in schools. I know you’re here looking for ideas for your students  but I want to recommend 3 professional titles for you – to keep it fresh, keep it fun, and remind you why you became a school librarian.

ImageOur good customers and friends in Round Rock ISD, TX implemented a Read it Forward (RIF) program aimed at getting their middle schools students reading.   Read it Forward, by Linda Kay outlines the development of their successful reading program.   In RIF, the idea is to have all students reading the same title and have them recommend the book to other students to increase the buzz.  By combining fun book related activities in the library throughout the school year as well as some curriculum connections, this added to the success of this program.  Linda Kay, the librarian at Ridgeview Middle School along with her fellow RRISD middle school librarians share their process – what worked as well as what didn’t.   This book is a great guide for initiating your own RIF program. (9781598848083. 2012. Professional.)

ImageHow do you get students to read something other than their assignments?Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits, by Donalyn Miller offers a variety of resources and techniques to cultivate “wild” life-long readers.  Miller touches on dedicating time, reading choices, reading aloud, having a plan and tracking, reflection and sharing books with others as just few strategies for developing wild reading habits. You’ll want to share this title with your classroom teachers. (9780470900307. November 2013. Professional.)

ImageOn Monday I talked with our customer Kim in Maine.  She enjoys being a librarian because the library, Kim says “is one of the few places in school where kids can still be creative”.  I told Kim I have a book for her: The Creative Imperative: School Libraries and Teachers Cultivating Curiosity Together, by Jami Biles Jones and Lori J. Flint.  This addresses the various characteristics of creativity and ways for educators to foster it in their students. A few chapters are devoted specifically to the role of the school librarian and how books promote creativity as well. (9781610693073. 2013. Professional.)

Blogger: Maureen, Mackin Collection Analyst
As a Collection Analyst here at Mackin, I enjoy talking to our customers about their collection. Give me a call. Let’s talk!