Series Review: Hildafolk

I first met Hilda when the second book in the Hildafolk series landed on my desk, and I was completely enchanted with her magical world.  The first book in the series has now been reissued in hardcover with new material and a new title, Hilda and the Troll, so it seemed like a good time to share this series on the blog for those who have yet to discover it.

hildaandthemidIn Hilda and the Midnight Giant (Book 2), Hilda lives in a small cottage her grandfather built so many years ago on an isolated mountain. Little did her grandfather know, however, that he built the cottage on top of an invisible elf village, and now the elves are trying to evict the terrible giants (Hilda and her mother) who have been terrorizing the elves, albeit unknowingly, for years.  Hilda’s mother is at a loss as to what to do, so Hilda decides to try to work out a truce with the elves on her own.  Hilda’s adventure appeal to readers who appreciate fantastic adventure stories, and perhaps those who read it will find themselves considering perspective.  After all, one creature’s tiny elf might be another creature’s giant.

hildaandthebirdIn the third installment, Hilda and the Bird Parade, Hilda and her mother have moved to the city. City life is very different from life in her magical mountain home. On the mountain, Hilda was free to roman the countryside and explore as she liked. In the city, her mother is afraid to let her explore alone.  Unfortunately, the local children don’t really have the same interests as Hilda.  They just want to pull pranks on people and throw rocks at birds—not Hilda’s style at all.  When she stops to help an injured bird, she finds herself alone and lost.  Of course, the bird isn’t just any bird, and she learns that if you look for it, you can find magic anywhere, even in the big city.

I highly recommend the whole series for elementary or middle school graphic novel collections, and I’m looking forward to the new editions and future installments of her story.

Since the series order can be kind of confusing with the different editions, here is a list of the titles in the order of the story:

Hilda and the Troll. 9781909263147. 2013 (reissue).

Hilda and the Midnight Giant. 9781907704253. 2012.  (Note: an expanded edition of this title that includes an illustrated glossary of giants is due out in April 2014)

Hilda and the Bird Parade. 9781909263062. 2013.

Hilda and the Black Hound. 9781909263185. May 2014.

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