Picture Books : First Steps, Parties, & Getting Lost

Usually I select books on a similar topic for my posts.  We gave a presentation last fall to Minnesota librarians and have shared on this blog many of the books we talked about then.  However, I have three picture books left, and they don’t really have much in common except that I found them all charming…and I hope you do, too!

Silver ButtonThe Silver Button by Bob Graham. 9780763664374. 2013. Gr PS-1.

Certain events, though they seem small, are momentous. When both my boys took their first steps, I remember feeling the world slow down and time stop. This book starts at 9:59 in the morning; just as Jodie is about to color the third and final silver button on the duck’s boot, her little brother Jonathan pushes himself to his feet, leans forward, and takes his first step.  And in their small part of the city, a jogger runs by, an ambulance shrieks, children sail boats in the park fountain, a soldier hugs his mother goodbye, a baby is born, and a tanker begins its long journey to China.  Then down goes Jonathan on his knees, Jodie colors in the last button, and the clock strikes ten.  A charming book about what can happen in a moment of time.

Xander's panda partyXander’s Panda Party by Linda Sue Park & Matt Phelan (illus.). 9780547558653. 2013. PS-2.

Xander Panda is planning a party—a party just for pandas.  But the problem is that he is the only panda in the zoo.  After a lot of thinking and bamboo munching, he decides to expand the guest list—and he hands out invitations to all bears—the black bear, the brown bear, the polar bears, the grizzly, and the koala bear.  “But wait!”  calls out Koala.  “I am not a bear! Can I still come?”  More thinking and more chewing—and Xander decides to open up the party to all mammals. But Rhinoceros sends a reply: “It may sound a bit absurd, but I won’t come without my bird.” Each time Xander adds another group of invitees, he finds someone else who isn’t included.  A great book on acceptance of diversity—with a sweet surprise for Xander at the end.

Lost catLost Cat by C. Roger Mader. 9780547974583. 2013. Gr PS-2.

Slipper had always lived with the little old lady.  Life was good—until one day, Mrs. Fluffy Slippers packed up her stuff and moved to live with her daughter’s family.  Somehow, Slipper was forgotten.  She chased the moving van, but couldn’t keep up.  She was lost…and her only option was to find a new person to adopt. She saw many possibilities—Mrs. Muddy Boots, Mrs. Iron Shoes, young master High Tops, and Mr. Cowboy Boots—but none of them were quite right.  Then Slipper saw a pair of shiny shoes and knew she had to follow them—right into the house where Miss Shiny Shoes lived with…her grandmother!

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