Hot Topics: Women’s History, Staff Picks, and Common Core

We’re shaking things up a bit here on Books in Bloom.  With the start of the new year, we are adding some new voices to the regular rotation. You may have already noticed posts from Ann and Maureen.  We hope that readers appreciate the variety of new perspectives.

Another new feature on the blog is Hot Topics.  Every month, we make three book lists for on topics that we think are of interest to the teachers and librarians we work with.  Sometimes the lists are tied into an upcoming holiday or event, and sometimes they highlight new titles in a particular genre.  We are going to start sharing our lists here on the blog for Books in Bloom readers who are responsible for collection development at their libraries.  We hope these lists will help!  Just as a reminder: you will need a login to view the lists.

Here are our Hot Topics lists for January:

treeladyMarch is Women’s History Month, and it is a great opportunity to introduce your students to the women who have made a difference in our world. Some of the names they’ll probably recognize, but many of the books on this list share the lives of less well known women and their contributions to science or social justice.  Get to know Kate Sessions in Tree Lady or Ellen Prestiss in Dare the Wind or open a discussion about current events and human rights with I am Malala by activist Malala Yousafzai.

One aspect of the Common Core is the requirement that students be able to recognize and evaluate different types of text, and the books on this list include various types of “How To” books—from drawing and crafts to science experiments and other projects—that can serve as opportunities to show students explicit instruction and sequencing.  Future Hot Topics lists will address other aspects of the Common Core.

tellthewolvesGet to know one of our newest bloggers through her reading choices. Maureen has been in Mackin’s Collection Analysis department for several years, and she is a valued member of our Collection Management team.  She admits that she was a bit of a reluctant reader as a young person, and her list is a mix of high interest nonfiction and adult titles (many of which would also work for high school library collections).  You can find past staff picks lists here.


Next month’s Hot Topics will look ahead to the titles you’ll want to have on hand this spring for National Poetry Month and more.  Are there some subjects you think would make a good Hot Topics list?  We’d love to hear from you.  Comment here or share your ideas @MackinBooks on Twitter.