What Would It Be like To Be An Animal?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly as a bird? Or swim in the oceans as a dolphin? I would be surprised if you haven’t, as each person likes to be lead into a sense of fantastical day dreaming and imaging “What if…?”. This animal book series leads children to that same sense of imagination and asks them to think if they had a different animal part. These books are just fun and will lead to loads of laughter with the pictures of children with a different animal’s teeth or hair. Unique animals are shown in each book and will leave children excited to find out which animal were chosen for each books. For example, in the Animal Hair book, an Oryx, Giant Pangolin, and Star-Nosed Mole are a few of the animals shown within which are fun options to include, as they are animals that most people don’t know that much about.

0545484383_01_LZZZZZZZWhat if You Had Animal Teeth!? by Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam (illus.) 9780545484381. 2013. Gr 1-3.

This book asks a thought provoking question and has different illustrations of children with animal teeth. It provides interesting and fun facts about animal teeth and gives real life examples about kids if they actually had animal teeth makes this a fun read. Examples are given, such as a girl with bat teeth won’t have to worry about her teeth chipping because they lack a hard enamel, so the edges would would always stay sharp. Or a boy with beaver teeth would have his teeth be growing constantly. Information and pictures are included showing students with human teeth and how to take care of their own teeth.

0545630851_01_LZZZZZZZWhat if You Had Animal Hair!? by Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam (illus.) 9780545630856. 2014. Gr 1-3.

This new addition in this series asks kids to think about what would happen if they had animal hair. Just as the previous book it provides a variety of information and a picture about the animal and then what would happen if a child had that animal’s hair. Examples such as a boy with Three-toed Sloth’s hair would never be alone because the algae in his hair would be the home of insects, or a girl with the hair of an Arctic Fox would never be bored with her hair color because it would be changing with each season. Like in the previous edition, pictures of children with their normal hair and what makes it special are shown, along with information about how human hair is grown and how to take care of it.

This new book is sure to bring just as much enjoyment, laughter, and gross-out moments as the last one.

Blogger: Anna C.