Review: The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

The 14 Fibs of Gregory K. by Greg Pincus. 9780439912990. 2013. Gr. 4-6.

Math is hard. Being a middle child is hard. Telling the truth is hard.

It is obviously hard being Gregory K.! His family is really into math, so much that dinner table discussions often involve topics such as the decimal value of pi and solving algebraic equations.  Gregory’s dad is a bit of a local celebrity, having won the first-ever City Math Competition.  Additionally, Gregory’s often-antagonistic older brother is a math whiz as well, and has also won City Math.  So, expectations are high for Gregory, but there is just one problem: Gregory’s passion is not math, it is writing.

Gregory gets himself in trouble by dancing around the truth about his indifference concerning math, and compounds the problem by not fully telling the truth about his math grade.  He also tells his best friend and confidante, Kelly, a white lie about planning to join her at Author Camp in the summer.  As you can see, Gregory has a lot to do to redeem himself in the eyes of his friends and family!

I really liked the way that math and writing were meshed together in Gregory’s story.  Pincus deftly works in information about the Fibonacci Sequence, a mathematical concept where each subsequent number in a series is the sum of the previous two numbers.  On the writing side of things, Gregory comes up with haiku-like poems based on the Fibonacci sequence that he uses to express himself and which preview each chapter…very creative!

Another reason I liked this book was that it gave me a reason to post one of my favorite t-shirt designs here (image taken from, where you can buy one of your own!).

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