More—and Still More—Reptiles

Back in 2011, I wrote about nonfiction books for budding herpetologists and related how I grew up with sisters—no talking about snakes there.  In fact, while my family vacationed in South Dakota, Dad kept talking about visiting Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota. My sisters and I were sure that he was joking—but also terrified that he was not! (We couldn’t ever really tell with my dad.) And then I had a boy who was enamored with reptiles, and I actually ended up with snakes and lizards IN MY HOUSE. Egads!

Since that post, quite a few more books about reptiles have been published, and I’d like to share some of the most recent ones.

Komodo DragonsCreative Education has two very impressive animal series that include recent books about several reptile species. For primary students, the Amazing Animals include both Komodo Dragons and Tortoises. Full-color photographs, informative captions, and enough text for reports describe each animal’s habitats, life cycles, behavior, and physical characteristics.

ChameleonsThe other series, Living Wild, has the same great photos and interesting text, can also be used for reports, and is for students in grades 4-7. Each book follows a scientist that is studying the animals; titles include Chameleons, Geckos (July 2014, Sea Turtles (July 2014), and Tortoises(July 2014).

CopperheadsTwo publishers have issued series focusing on snakes in the wild. Snakes, by Pebble Plus, is written at easy reader levels and provide information and photos that will thrill snake lovers. Titles include Anacondas, Boa Constrictors, Cobras, Copperheads, and Garter Snakes.

Ball PythonsBellwether Media has published Epic : Amazing Snakes! for upper elementary students. The series includes Ball Pythons, Burmese Pythons, Bush Vipers, Death Adders, Emerald Tree Boas, Green Anacondas, King Cobras, and Spitting Cobras, with information on the behaviors and habitats of each reptiles, as well as their strange and unique characteristics.


Saving TurtlesAnd finally, Saving Turtles : A Kid’s Guide to Helping Endangered Creatures will be coming out in August 2014. The author, a veterinarian at a turtle rescue and rehabilitation center, tells how she repairs broken turtle shells, jaws, and skulls, and helps rehabilitate injured turtles so they can be released back in the wild. She tells about other reasons why turtles are becoming so endangered and relates what people and organizations are doing to help them, as well as what young volunteers can do. With excellent photos, this book will be great for the science curriculum, reports, and students interested in reptiles, conservation, and volunteering.

Alex has now moved to Kansas City, Missouri, so you might think my house is reptile-free. And you would be wrong…though Alex no longer had any snakes, he left the blue-tongued skink at my house. But things have now changed. Today I went to the Minnesota Reptile Show, and here are my new herps; a young leopard gecko and a baby bearded dragon. Aren’t they beautiful!




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