Review: Princeless

1939352541_01_LZZZZZZZIs your school filled with children singing “Let it Go” and wishing they could be Queen Elsa or Princess Anna?

If so, this new graphic novel series, Princeless, is for girls who are looking for a new heroine who is fun, spunky, and can save herself. Princess Adrienne has old fashioned parents that believe the best way to find a future husband for their daughter is to lock her away in a stone tower guarded by a dragon and wait for a prince to rescue her. Adrienne is tired of waiting for this prince to come along and decides she can be her own hero and free herself and her other six sisters, who are all guarded by their own mythical monster. Adrienne recruits the dragon that had been guarded her tower, names her Sparky, and begins her adventure to rescue her sisters.

However, there are a few obstacles that she runs into along the way. She winds up having her Father’s army hunting the lands for a short knight and a dragon, who he believes killed his daughter Adrienne. While Adrienne is attempting to get new armor, the blacksmith, Bedelia, is excited because she can finally show someone her “female” armor sets which are filled with outfits like chain-mail bikinis and really don’t cover much. Adrienne is completely against wearing anything like this and asks Bedelia, “Why not make real armor, which would actually be effective in a fight, for a woman warrior?” Bedelia is inspired by this train of thought and makes Adrienne her armor set, which you see on the cover. As a result, Adrienne gains a blacksmith partner.

Adrienne is an easy-going, fun, and feminist character who girls can look to for finding their own path and not waiting for some boy to come along and “rescue” them. I really enjoyed Adrienne’s interactions with characters and her natural spunkiness and determination to rescue her sisters and not wait around for those princes to save the day.

Princeless by Jeremy Whitley. 9781939352545. 2014. Gr. 4-8

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