How does your Garden Grow?

When my kids were younger I tried every trick in the book to get them to eat their vegetables. One of my strategies was to give them each a garden plot in which to grow the vegetables of their choice.  Their interest in gardening lasted about half the summer, and I’m not sure it helped my cause, but it did help them learn where vegetables come from and what is involved in helping them grow. By mid-July here in Minnesota, gardens are in full bloom and the farmers markets have more local produce to choose from.  It got me thinking about some of the fun new books on the topic.


Cheers for a dozen earsCheers for a Dozen Ears: A Summer Crop of Counting by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky and illustrated by Susan Swan takes us to a farmer’s stand with a family to buy fruits and vegetables.  The kids count off the items from Mom’s shopping list with a fun rhyming text.  I love the colorful collage illustrations which cheerfully portray a  successful family outing on a hot summer day.

9780807511305. 2014. Gr. Ps-1



Pepppeppa piga Pig and the Vegetable Garden by Astley Baker Davies is a nice addition to the Peppa Pig book series as well as the TV series. Peppa and her little brother help their grandpa plant his garden.  We learn the process of planting seeds, watering, being patient, in addition to the difference between beneficial animals like worms and bothersome animals such as birds.

9780763669874. 2014. Gr. Ps-1


before we eatBefore We Eat: from Farm to Table by Pat Brisson and illustrated by Mary Azarian addresses not only what it takes to get vegetables from the farm to our table, but the variety of professionals who contribute to our meals as well. The simple woodcut style illustrations feature fishermen, beekeepers, dairy farmers, truck drivers, and grocers who also play important roles in making our meals possible.

9780884483526. 2014. Gr. Ps-1



Arlo Rolled In Arlo Rolled by Susan Pearson and illustrated by Jeff Ebbeler we learn about gardening from the perspective of a pea who wants to be more than just an ingredient in someone’s salad.  With colorful illustrations and simple rhyming text, Arlo takes off for quite the adventure encountering several different plants and animals found in a garden.  Arlo ends up napping underground and eventually grows into something much more than a single pea.

9781477847213. 2014. Gr. Ps-2


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