Review: Illusive

0316254568_01_LZZZZZZZIllusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones is a fun mash-up of supernatural elements, a realistic dystopian scenario, and an action-filled plot. In 2017, a new virus crept up in Africa that no one took much notice of until millions began dying. Soon, this virus crept to all areas of the world and people became desperate for a cure. A small pharmaceutical company, Fiacre, announced that they had developed a cure for the disease killing millions: a vaccine called Praevenir. Unfortunately, with the pressure to find this vaccine, Fiacre hadn’t had time to properly test the side effects.

Six months after the release of this vaccine, the world started noticing that a portion of the individuals who had received this vaccine had started to display supernatural abilities. The abilities that began showing were the power to create illusions, telepathy, perfect memory, heightened senses, levitation, hypnosis, and body manipulation. The government labeled these individuals as immune or having an “adverse effect” to the vaccine. The government quickly began to forcibly recruit people with these powers, but the others who didn’t want to serve the government turned to criminal activities.

Ciere Giba (illusionist) and Devon Lyre (perfect memory) work for Kit (levitation) who acquires jobs for the team to complete. When Ciere and Devon run into trouble from a gang after an unauthorized bank robbery, Kit tells them that one of their usual team members, Daniel (heightened senses), has been missing. The character whose story is being told changes once every couple of chapters between Ciere and Daniel, which lends a sense of excitement as the reader sees Ciere struggling to complete a difficult new job Kit has given her, and Daniel, who is being held against his will.

As readers are introduced to each character they will be on the edge of their seat anticipating which power this person holds and if they are on the right side. This action-filled plot will be a perfect fit for the readers looking for their next supernatural read. While Ciere is the main character, there isn’t any love interest, which is a relief from the overwhelming number of other supernatural books which include at least one. It has a wide range of appeal for boys and girls and will be an excellent choice for any middle or high school to add to their collections.

Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones. 9780316254564. 2014. Gr 7-12.

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