Two Biographies of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

For fans of The Little Prince, we have two new biographies of the author Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I wasn’t familiar with his life, so I was  fascinated to learn his story and see its influence on his writing.

the pilot and the little princeThe Pilot and the Little Prince is written and illustrated by Peter Sis who has given us biographies of other famous people such as Columbus and Galileo, who like Saint-Exupery weren’t satisfied to simply accept things as they are. Saint-Exupery is described as a dreamer and an adventurer who became a pilot, delivering mail, traveling the world, and serving in the military during WWII. The text is written in varying degrees of difficulty allowing young readers to understand the basic story and  older readers to dig deeper for timeline and historical facts. But the beautiful illustrations and layout of this book by the Caldecott honored Peter Sis are mesmerizing. There are so many details to look at and enjoy; I think I could look at this book for hours and still find something new I hadn’t noticed.  (9780374380694. 2014. Gr. 1-4)


In Search of the little princeIn comparison, In Search of the Little Prince, written and illustrated by Bimba Landmann, reads much more as a straight-forward biography. The text is written at a slightly higher level with a lovely poetic style. This book, too, is beautifully illustrated with large two-page spreads as well as smaller inset images providing additional details. This book also includes several photos of Saint-Exupery from childhood to adult, which lends realism to this magical story.  (9780802854353. 2014. Gr. 2-5)

Hand these biographies to the young explorers and dreamers in your library to let them know that they are not alone.


maureen Blogger: Maureen S.