YA Goes To The Movies!



Regarding cinematic adaptations of literary tales, the phrase “the book is ALWAYS better than the movie” is commonplace.  While not 100% accurate (although, from my own personal experiences, it is pretty close), that statement by no means indicates that film versions don’t have a place in library collections.

There are two primary ways of looking at how to incorporate films into libraries:

1. As a youngster, I was taught that a movie version of a book I had already read was a “treat”.  You get to invigorate your imagination by reading the text first, then have the opportunity to re-live the entire experience through a visual medium.  Generally-speaking, I still carry that philosophy with me to this day as a librarian!  There are even currently some high-profile movies in theaters or out on home video that I haven’t touched.  The reason?  I haven’t read the book yet!

2. Strangely enough, the polar opposite of the above paragraph can also occur, in which children and teens can be inspired to read a book AFTER seeing the movie it was based upon.  During my time in a 6-12 grade media center, I observed many young adults checking out books they likely never would have found without the corresponding film.

Here at Mackin, we have many new film adaptations of previously-released books that would be a great supplement to your collection.  Whether a film adaptation is a “chicken” or an “egg” in the minds of young adults, either approach can lead to enhanced imaginative and cognitive experiences.

Some examples of newer films (along with their novel counterparts) that Mackin carries include…


Beautiful Creatures     Film     Book

Bling Ring     Film     Book

The Book Thief     Film     Book

Catching Fire     Film     Book

City of Bones     Film     Book

Divergent     Film     Book

Ender’s Game     Film     Book

Great Expectations     Film     Book

The Hobbit     Film 1     Film 2     Book

Sea of Monsters     Film     Book

The Spectacular Now     Film     Book

Winter’s Tale     Film     Book


Also coming soon in both theater and home video formats…


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

(theater: 10/10/2014)


(theater: 12/19/2014)

Endless Love

(home video: 08/11/2014)

The Fault In Our Stars

(home video: 09/16/2014)

The Giver

(theaters: 08/15/2014)

The Hobbit (#3)

(theaters: 12/17/2014)


(theaters: 03/20/2015)

Left Behind

(theaters: 10/03/2014)

The Maze Runner

(theaters: 09/19/2014)


(theaters: 11/21/2014)



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