Review: The Book That Will Make You Love Books

The Book That Will Make You Love BooksThe Book That Will Make You Love Books by Francoize Boucher. 9780802737434. 2014. Gr. 5-8.

Some books make readers ponder their very existence, view the “big picture”, or may even change the world. This is not that kind of book! That is not a knock on this book, however. This book is a hilarious look at, as the author puts it, “the enchanting powers of books”.

Francoize Boucher offers up a multitude of hyperbolic statements about what reading can do for you, which are accompanied by funny illustrations. For example:

  • Reading won’t make you fat (with a helpful illustration of a 300-page book that has zero calories in comparison to a piece of three-layer sheet cake that has 1000 calories).
  • Reading has amazing effects on your body (including glossy hair, a trim waist, and amazing calves, among other things).
  • If you hate reading, you will turn into a monster one day.

While not all of these are scientifically verifiable or remotely accurate, they are all clever, funny, and quirky. The quirkiness is reinforced by the illustrations, which look like they could easily be found on your typical middle-schooler’s notebook. And I certainly don’t mean that in a bad way…it gives artistically-challenged readers hope and adds to the books charm.

While The Book That Will Make You Love Books obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously, there are a number of good messages that are delivered. After you are done laughing, you realize that books are truly amazing in how they can transport you anywhere, give you great amounts of knowledge, are readily available, and lastly, fun! This is quite an accomplishment for a silly little book. Maybe this book can change the world…

RyanBlogger: Ryan H.