The World Series: Baseball’s Championship


Baseball is different from many other sports because it is more of a marathon than a sprint.  It begins in April, continues throughout the summer months, and winds down in September.  If your favorite team makes the playoffs, however, the season gets to extend itself just a bit longer, what with the playoffs being held beneath the peak leaf colors and the cooling temperatures of October.  This week, the season has finally reached it’s pinnacle: the World Series.  One team from each league will battle it out to hoist the big trophy.

Even before I was old enough to know about what all the hoopla meant surrounding the World Series, I still was able to recognize it as a major event in the sporting world and wanted to learn more about it’s teams, records, and key players.  Baseball is still a popular enough sport in this country that I would imagine many current youngsters still feel the same way.  So, here are some books about the World Series in general, as well as the two teams trying to capture the 2014 title (San Francisco Giants & Kansas City Royals).

History of the World Series

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World Series by Alan Cho. 9781619136250. 2013. Gr 4-6.

World Series: All About Pro Baseball’s Biggest Event by Hans Hetrick. 9781429694445. 2013. Gr 4-8.

World Series: Baseball’s Biggest Stage by Matt Doeden. 9781467718967. 2014. Gr 5-8.

World Series Winners: What It Takes To Claim Baseball’s Ultimate Prize by Ross Bernstein. 9781600786716. 2012. Gr 9-Adult.

Greatest World Series Games by Warren N. Wilbert.9780786469406. 2012. Gr 10-Adult.


This Year’s Teams

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San Francisco Giants by Sara Gilbert. 9780898128239. 2013. Gr 1-4.

Tales From The San Francisco Giants Dugout by Nick Peters. 9781613210291. 2011. Gr 10-Adult

Story of the Kansas City Royals by Nate LeBoutillier. 9780898126419. 2012. Gr 5-8.

Tales From The Kansas City Royals Dugout by Denny Matthews. 9781613217214. 2/3/2015. Gr 10-Adult.


Oh, and because I’m a die-hard fan of the Minnesota Twins, I have to add this book to the list, which describes what many consider to be the greatest World Series ever played, between the Twins and Atlanta Braves in 1991…


Down To The Last Pitch by Tim Wendel. 9780306822766. 2014. Gr 11-Adult.



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