Take an Extraordinary Adventure

As the weather begins to get chillier outside (at least here in Minnesota) I always enjoy laying on my couch under a blanket and letting my mind venture off into the world of a good book. These are a few new fantasy books for middle and high school students that have come out within the past couple of months that feature the protagonist embarking on a quest to defeat evil.


Ned has been told for years he is the wrong boy that lived a tragic accident resulting in the death of his twin brother. Aine, a girl on the other side of a magical forest has been told by her dying mother that the wrong boy will save her life and she will save his. When a bandit king comes to steal the magic that Ned’s mother, Sister Witch, guards, Ned musters all his bravery and courage to take the magic and venture into the magical forest. When Ned and Aine meet up they must rely on each other to survive the forest and prevent their two kingdoms from destroying one another by unruly magic. This heartwarming fantasy will stay with readers even after they finish the last page. (The Witch’s Boy, 9781616203511. Sept 2014. Gr 4-7)

9780385387798_p0_v1_s600In Frostborn ,Karn, the heir to the family farm, who would much rather be playing his Thrones & Bones game, and Thianna, a half-giantess who is forced into learning more about her mysterious mother’s past, are thrown together in this fantastical adventure. In this journey of self discovery, Karn must learn the qualities his father seems in him to be the next head of their land. Thianna will learn to accept her life as a half-giantess and realize the benefits of being smaller and faster than others. These two will journey across Norrongard and battle trolls, dragons, and other mystical creatures. (9780385387781. Aug 2014. Gr 5-8)

9780062286925_a925eWhen Meira was an infant her home, Winter, was invaded by the Spring Kingdom and their Queen killed and their magical locket broken. This left most Winterians on the run or enslaved by Spring without the magical power of their locket. Meira is one member of a small group of Winterians who have eluded Spring for 16 years with their heir to the Winter throne. When Meira finds the location of half of Winter’s locket she becomes entangled in a scheme of evil magic and the politics of Winter and her heart. (Snow like Ashes, 9780062286925. Oct 2014. Gr 7-12.)


9781250050885_ccf89Lily has severe allergic reactions to almost everything, but when her best friend and boyfriend breaks her heart, these weaknesses become her strengths when she is pulled into a strange new world by another version of herself. Lily will gain new confidence in her abilities as she learns to control new magic and she will have her heart and willpower tested as she finds a new love and struggles to understand this new world and fights against an enemy she knows too well. (Trial by Fire, 9781250050885. Sept 2014. Gr 9-12)



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