Read-alouds for your littlest listeners

Are you looking for a picture book read-aloud for a group of little listeners? Try one of these great titles in your next storytime!

greenisachileGreen is a Chile Pepper by Roseanne Thong puts colors into context of culture. Two kids walk around their town and point out the colors they see. We get a glimpse of Latino culture and learn lots of Spanish vocabulary in this rhyming picture book. You may want to practice your Spanish pronunciation before you read it in front of a group if you, like me, aren’t a Spanish speaker, but it’s a great opportunity to share another culture with your students. (9781452102030. Feb 2014. Gr. Ps-1)



allaboardAll Aboard! is another rhyming read-aloud for the younger crowd. In this picture book half the fun is getting there. At least it is when you’re taking the train.   There are all sorts of interesting things to see on the train and out the window as two kids travel to summer camp. They travel through a ghost town, through the mountains, and past a city before they finally arrive at their destination. The sound effects and bouncy rhymes turn this picture book into a fun addition to a train or travel themed storytime. The map of the journey on the end pages adds another element of fun for the kids who want to trace the journey. (9780385754200. Sept 2014. Gr. Ps-K)




I would be remiss if I was talking about read-alouds, and I didn’t mention The Book With No Pictures. Now you might be skeptical of this one. After all, what’s a picture book with no pictures? However, I urge you to give it a chance. If you read every word in this book out loud to a group of kids, they will laugh. How can you not laugh when your librarian or teacher is reading words like BLORK and BLuuRF? And you have to say the words. That’s the rules of reading aloud. It’s great fun and sure to be a crowd pleaser. (9780803741713. Sept 2014. Gr. K-3)



What have you been reading aloud in your libraries or classrooms this school year?


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