Graphic Novels for the Youngest Readers

Graphic Novels are a great resource for every reader to explore. They are very accessible for the struggling readers, but can be read by a reader of any reading level because of their (sometimes) complex stories. They have been a big topic lately with the Banned Books Week focus being graphic novels this year, which Tracey discussed here. I have included a few titles below that will spark imagination, like Bird Cat Dog, or explore new school jitters and bullying or just having a book to make you laugh.

1419710206_01_LZZZZZZZStarting school can already be a nerve-wracking event, especially when you have a big hearing aid strapped to your chest. This is how Cece has to attend her new school. But she soon finds out that her Phonic Ear is like a superhero tool. It allows her to hear her teachers anywhere in the school. While this is a super cool tool, her Phonic Ear also isolates her from her peers. Acceptance is the main theme of this graphic novel as Cece’s peers must look past her hearing aid to see her one wish, a friend. (El Deafo,  9781419710209. Sept 2014. Gr 4-6)

0803740077_01_LZZZZZZZMeet Mr. Pants the cat, who really wants to play some laser tag before the end of summer. But his sisters Grommy and Foot Foot want to go to the Fairy Princess Dream Factory, and their Mom wants to take them school shopping. Kids will be laughing as Mr. Pants is dragged along to make princesses and shopping and finally gets to laser tag. This is just the beginning of Mr. Pants adventures and will have kids anticipating what antics he will get into next. (It’s Go Time,  9780803740075. July 2014. Gr 1-4)

1467745227_01_LZZZZZZZThis wordless graphic novel tells the adventures of three pets, a Bird, Cat, and Dog. They venture out from their safe homes and into the nearby woods where they encounter wild animals. Imaginations will run wild as kids think of the internal dialogue of these animals as they encounter a hawk, lynx, and a wolf, but still manage to make their way back home safely. (Bird Cat Dog,  9781467745222. Aug 2014. Gr K-3)

1626721017_01_LZZZZZZZWhat do the animals do once the zoo has closed? Perform Shakespeare, of course. The animals of the Stratford Zoo have decided to perform Macbeth and hint at an upcoming performance of Romeo & Juliet. Students will enjoy the humorous antics of the actors and the comments from the zoo audience while subtly learning about classic literature. (The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth,  9781626721012, Sept 2014. Gr 2-5)

annapicBlogger: Anna C.