‘Tis The Season (For Football)!

The turkey has been carved and the pie has been consumed.  The leftovers are finally starting to dwindle.  The packages from Black Friday are safely stashed in a closet.  With the calendar turning to December today, the thoughts of most people now shift to Christmas.  One can imagine themselves gathering with the family, tearing into a long-awaited package, building a snowman with the kids, and sipping hot chocolate by the fire as holiday music plays in the background.

Then, of course, you have people like me:

football-christmas-tree-merry-christmasFor me, the month of December also holds another promise: that of the NFL season really starting to heat up!  Though my hometown Minnesota Vikings have hit the skids and are playing for pride now, there is so much more other exciting football left to be played as the season reaches its zenith.


Here are some new football-related titles (for all different ages) that can be used to capitalize on the peak of the NFL season…


Indianapolis Colts by Zach Wyner. 9781489608345. 2015. Gr. 4-7

“Inside the NFL” is a great series (covering all NFL teams) for middle grades.  Titles are frequently updated to reflect the newest possible players.


Is There Life After Football by James Holstein. 9781479862863. 2014.

What happens to professional football players after their glory days?  Some (like Brett Favre) can’t seem to let go, while others struggle with health problems from playing such a physical sport for a living.


NFL QB: The Greatest Position In Sports by Tim Layden. 9781618931207. 2014. Gr. 7-Adult.

The quarterback is widely regarded as the most important position on an NFL team.  This title is a look at the greatest players to ever take a snap from center.


Madden NFL 15: Official Game Guide by Prima Games. 9780804162555. 2014.

Are you constantly tormented by that one friend/sibling who always dominates you in Madden football?  This is the guide that could put YOU over the top this time!  Filled with tips, tricks, and strategies that not only help game-play, but also breed further understanding of football plays and lingo.


2014 Official NFL Record & Fact Book by NFL. 9781618933942. 2014. Gr. 7-Adult

If you are into statistics and records, this book needs to be in your hands.


League Of Denial by Mark Fainaru-Wada. 9780770437565. 2014. Gr. 11-Adult

Tackles the hot-button issue of concussions in the NFL.


Story of the San Francisco 49ers by Jim Whiting. 9780898128727. 2014. Gr. 4-8.

This “Story Of” set gives the history of all NFL teams that will appeal to a bit older of a crowd.


Slow Getting Up by Nate Jackson. 9780062108036. 2014. Gr. 11-Adult

The stars of the game get all the credit, but what about the “other guys” that fill out a roster?  This is a book about them.

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