Knitting Books for Kids

So far this winter, all I’ve been doing is hibernating. Minnesota winter can be terribly long if you don’t get outside and enjoy it. Normally by now I would have several miles of cross country skiing in, but it has either been too cold or no snow. In the mean time I’ve been busy knitting “goofy” hats (according to my kids) and Scandinavian mittens for the time when I can get out there to ski again.

Being in knitting mode has me thinking of some of the fun knitting books for kids. Here’s a list of a few of them.

extra yarn lester's dreadful sweater penguin in love  carrie measures up

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Yarn has a double meaning in this fairy tale of a generous little girl knitting sweaters for everyone from an unending supply of yarn.

9780061953385. 2012. PS – Gr 3.

Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters by K.G. Campbell.

My kids found this story particularly funny, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a reflection of my knitting skills.

9781554537709. 2012. PS – Gr 2.

Penguin in Love by Salina Yoon.

A crafty penguin finds true love by knitting in the 3rd title of the”penguin” series from Yoon.

9780802736017. 2013. PS – Gr 1.

Carrie Measures Up by Linda Williams Aber

This is an older title now available in eBook format.  I like this one because it illustrates how knitting is a good way to introduce several different math concepts including patterns, shapes, counting.

9781575655680. 2013. Gr 1 – 3.

knit togetherKnit together by Angela Dominguez

You’ll want to keep an eye out for this book since it won’t be out for another couple months but is a nice story on cooperation.

9780803740990. March 2015. PS – Gr 2.


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