Anna’s Favorite Reads of 2014

I wanted to share a few of my favorite reads from 2014. I pretty much only have one type of book I really like to read, unless a superb book in another genre comes along, I stick with my paranormal, fantasy, dystopian fiction. I have listed three books below that I read and came out in 2014 and I hope someone who also enjoys the same genres I do finds their next favorite read.


Interrogation of AshalaThe Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

After an apocalyptic scenario causes the destruction of most environmental and societal structures, people begin developing unique abilities, such as manipulating the weather, premonitions of the future, and causing earthquakes. The government fears the people with these abilities and hunts them down to put them in detention centers. Ashala, one of the leaders of a group of young people who have evaded capture is betrayed by one of her own on a mission and is captured and brought to one of the most frightening centers where she is hooked up to a machine that will reveal her memories and betray the rest of her group. However, everything is not as it seems. This book has many of the common elements of a dystopian novel but it gives a unique spin by having the setting as Australia and including aboriginal creation stories. (The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, 9780763669881. April 2014. Gr 9-12)


The story in Conversion transitions between a modern high school girl, Colleen, who is in her senior year and hoping to attend Harvard, and Massachusetts in 1706 while Ann, is ready to confess her sins. First jumping into this novel you can wonder how these two girls stories could possibly relate, but it slowly becomes clearer as the girls within Colleen’s school start developing a mysterious illness with all girls reporting strange symptoms, like coughing up pins and losing the ability to speak. Then the story will move to Ann who you learn is confessing her sins because of her role in “The Panic” 12 years earlier, in which she and a few other girls accused women to be witches. This book will keep you guessing to figure out if the girls in Colleen’s time are truly experiencing their symptoms or if they faking them, as the girls were in Ann’s time. (Conversion, 9780399167775. July 2014. Gr 9-12)

Young ElitesThe Young Elites

This book has also been talked about by Tracey (and she also proclaimed it as one of her favorites), but I feel like I should mention it also. Adelina is one of the few children that survived the Blood Fever. However, she emerged from the Fever with markings, her hair turned silver and she lost her left eye. An even smaller portion of the survivors emerged with fantastical abilities, such as the ability to control fire or influence animals. These unique survivors are hunted by their kingdom and sentenced to death. A select few of these survivors are using their abilities to protect others of their kind and fight back against the Inquisition, they are known as The Young Elites. When Adelina is sentenced to die for her father’s death and for ability to control illusions, The Young Elites come to her rescue. The Young Elites want to use her ability for their goals, but Adelina must learn to control her new ability and how to control the darkness within her heart. (The Young Elites, 9780399167836. Oct 2014. Gr 9-12)

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