Bowl You Over


Each year, as a sports fan, I go into a bit of a funk during the months of February & March.  I know that basketball and hockey are still being played during this time, but as more of a football/baseball fan, this is a pretty dead period.  Luckily, over the past few years, I have really discovered bowling to be a great pastime to help “get me through” these rough months.

The great thing about bowling?  It is one of the most accessible sports ever created.  The physicality of football, basketball, and hockey discourages many potential participants, while the almost supernatural reflexes needed for sports like baseball, golf, and tennis can be barriers as well.  Bowling, however, can be accomplished no matter what level of physicality one may represent!

For this reason, bowling is a great sport for children.  It is an individual sport…that also encourages camaraderie.  It takes both mental and physical coordination, yet has a very low injury risk compared to other athletic endeavors.  It also doesn’t require a team or much equipment (alleys supply the shoes and balls), thus it is pretty low-maintenance.

Sadly, I often feel that bowling is not promoted to students as much as it should or could be, as it can be such a positive, athletic, social experience.  Here are some various titles related to bowling that could help spark students of all ages to give the sport a try:


For the younger crowd…

bowl1  bowl2  bowl3

Bowling By The Numbers by Desiree Bussiere. 9781617838422. 2014. Grades PS-3.

Let’s Play Bowling by Aaron Carr. 9781489617606. 2014. Grades K-2.

Bowling by Don Cruickshank. 9781621273219. 2014. Grades 3-6.


For older students looking to learn the skills/history of the sport…

bowl4  bowl5  bowl6

Let’s Go Bowling by Eric Dregni. 9780785830146. 2013.

Bowling Fundamentals by Michelle Mullen. 9781450465809. 2014. Grades 9-Adult.

Historical Dictionary Of Bowling by John Grasso. 9780810880214. 2014. Grades 11-Adult.


We even have some upcoming titles (not yet published) on how bowling can relate to science/physics in the classroom…

Science Behind Sports: Bowling by Melissa Abramovitz. 9781420512519. 06/19/2015. Grades 7-10.

Are Bowling Balls Bullies? Learning About Forces & Motion by Thomas Kingsley Troupe. 9781479570577. 07/01/2015. Grades K-2.


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