Spring into books from other lands

In the springtime, we know birds assist seeds to transplant new growth. Here is a reminder that a book can be a vehicle to travel to other lands, planting you into a beautiful garden to see how other people live. Our imagination, colorful words of authors, and enveloping illustrations are the elements that help our experiences to blossom.   The bouquet of new titles from writers from other countries that do not speak English as their first language is bright and abundant. What fun to enjoy the bevy of hybrid titles to germinate the seedlings of respect for others and build a trellis of blooming kindness.


Animal SupermarketAnimal Supermarket by Giovanna  Zoboli takes  the reader from the glorious perspective of many animals to experience their desire to locate good foods in a grocery store  to satisfy their hunger. The book is complete with a quiz at the end to see if you paid attention to their needs. Illus. Simona Mulazzani. 9780802854483.2015. PS-2.




Mr. Happy & Miss GrimmMr. Happy & Miss Grimm by Antoine Schneider knows something about growing friendships. After Miss Grimm experiences the sunny demeanor of Mr. Happy, she feels something strange is taking over her bleak little home.  The flourishing flowers in Mr. Happy’s garden and his warm personality collectively have a glowing effect on Miss Grimm. Illus. Susanne Strasser. 9780823431984. 2015. PS-3.


Hoppelpopp & the Best bunnyHoppelpopp and the Best Bunny by Mira Lobe brings us to the realm of consciously looking for individuality and capitalizing on the best in every living creature. Each one of us has our strengths and competition to be the best should not be one of them. The theme of growth and springing into new thoughts is pervasive in the book.  9780823432875. 2015.  PS-2.



Other titles to enjoy from world writers are:

I Will Fight Monsters for You by Santi Balmes. Illus. Lyona. 9780807590560. 2015. PS-2.

The Sock Thief by Ana Crespo.  Illus. Nana Gonzales. 9780807575383. 2015. PS-2.

Edgar Wants to Be Alone by Jean-Francois Dumont. 9780802854575. 2015. PS-1.

Leopardpox: Sadie is Having the Funniest Sick Day Ever by Orna Landau. Illus. Omer Hoffmann. 9780544290013. 2014. K-2.

The Cowboy by Hildegard Muller. 9780823432028. 2015. K-2.

Roger is Reading a Book by Koen Van Biesen.   9780802854421. 2015. K-2.

Gon, the Little Fox  by Niimi, Nankichi. Illus. Genjirou Mita. 9781940942035. 2015. K-2.


Blogger: Leslie E.