Just for Fun…

We get a lot of requests from librarians looking for high interest books that their students will love. I shared a few “just for fun” titles back in 2013, and it seemed like a good time to revisit the topic with fresh fun picks.

thisisamooseIf you are looking to add some humor to a story time, you know you can count on Bob Shea (Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads) and Adam Rubin (Big Bad Bubble) for some laughs, but do you know Richard T. Morris?

In This is a Moose, Morris teams up with Tom Lichtenheld for a hilarious picture book in which we are given a director’s eye view of a nature documentary about a mighty moose. It doesn’t quite match the director’s vision, though, because the moose isn’t interested in “moose” things. He wants to be an astronaut. He isn’t the only animal with dreams beyond the forest. It turns out that the other animals have unusual interests too, much to the frustration of the film’s director who shouts “Cut!” off-page every time his vision is interrupted by another animal not acting like it is supposed to. If that isn’t silly enough, the illustrations are full of asides and extras that kids who look closely will appreciate. (9780316213608. May 2014. Gr. Ps-2)

apocalypsebowwowThe apocalypse has never seemed as silly as it is in Apocalypse Bow Wow (9781619634428. January 2015. Gr. 3-6). In this graphic novel aimed at third and fourth grade readers, two dogs find themselves on their own when their people fail to return. Soon they realize that people everywhere appear to be gone, and all the animals are on their own. Our heroes, Brownie and Apollo, aren’t used to having to get their own food, but they are determined to survive. With the help of an unlikely ally (a flea) with mysterious knowledge of strategy (from The Art of War by Sun Tzu) the silly pups stake their claim on survival in a world without people. It’s good fun for dog lovers in particular. Readers who prefer cats will want to watch for Apocalypse Meow Meow later this year.

You can find more fun graphic novel picks from Ryan in 2014 here and from me in 2013 here. What high interest fiction is capturing your students’ attention? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @MackinBooks with your picks!


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