Rainy Days and Mondays

Vivid memories of experimenting and creating concoctions on rainy days during my younger years prepared me to be an Elementary Science prep teacher and challenged my inquisitive side.  The day I mixed baking soda and vinegar with added blue food coloring certainly enveloped into a challenge as to where to put the evidence before my parents got home.  It was hidden in the bushes outside until my Mom asked what was happening to the ground underneath it, as the rain was moving the blue mass!  The discovery method was already at work in my STEM mind.  A word of caution prior to experimenting would have been beneficial.  How lucky I would have been to have the following books at my disposal.

Experiment with liquidsexperimentswithmagnets

Light and darkWho forged





Experiments with Liquids:  My Science Investigations Series by Christine Taylor-Butler shows primary aged students how to use common household products and follow color photos and easy instructions to carefully utilize the STEM qualities reinforced at school. A word of caution: parents should stipulate safety guidelines prior to beginning the adventure.   9781432953676. 2012. Gr.1-3.

Experiment with Magnets:  Science Explorer Junior Series by Christine Taylor-Butler challenges readers to experiment and follow the easy to follow pictures and instructions in enticing projects called “Let the Force Be With You,” “Do Opposites Really Attract?” and “Share the Power.” The author has a great sense of humor to grab the enthusiasm of students.  Additional websites are given and a glossary is included.  9781602798441. 2011. Gr. 3-6.

Light & Dark: Why It Works Series by Anna Claybourne  shows children easy to follow instructions with pictures on how to use items like mirrors and flashlights to explain and experience such things as sundials, rainbows, shadows and realize that light actually does bend.  9781926853574. 2011. Gr. 1-3.

Who Forged This Document? : Crime-Solving Science Projects by Robert Gardner lets the evil doer know they do not stand a chance after students eagerly get involved in the crime solving experiments.  Forensic criminal investigations with diagrams and large boxes of explanation will explain how to stifle the phrase, “I didn’t do it!” 9780766032460. 2010. Gr. 4-6.


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