Let’s Celebrate National Bike Month!!

Since a very young age, my daughter Holly has been an avid bike rider. Not to confuse the situation, but “bicycle” is probably a better choice of words. To celebrate National Bike Month in May, it is beneficial to delve into bike safety and why bikes are important to our physical health. While watching my daughter participate in an Ironman competition last year, I saw her swim in Lake Tahoe for 2.4 miles, then get on her lightweight bike and ride for 112 miles in the mountains near Lake Tahoe at 7000 feet above sea level, and then run a full marathon of 26.2 miles! To say I was proud of her as she crossed the finish line in time is an understatement!!

As her mother, I was inspired to purchase a bicycle for weight maintenance and general healthy living. Then the helmet had to be purchased as well as a license from the city. Now I am seeking safe bike routes/paths in my city. It is important to be cognizant of all the choices of reflectorized vests, head lights, rear reflectors, clips to tie down pant legs, proper shoes, and other gear so I am a safe rider. Proximity to a bike repair shop is handy for me too. Rules of the road are the number one priority as well as awareness that not all drivers see you or know your position. How lucky we are to have books that add to our bike knowledge, especially for younger children building their confidence in learning how to ride and navigate the world on a bicycle. This list contains positive tips for our beginning riders. What fond memories I have of teaching my own two children, Nicholas and Holly how to ride a bike and enjoy it! You know what is said that it’s a skill you will never forget, how to ride a bike.

Be Safe on Your BikeEveryone can learn to ride a bicycleSimple Bike MaintenanceBicycles






Be Safe on Your Bike by Bridget Heos introduces us to Samantha, who gives her friend Jake advice on how to be a safe bike rider. Since it is a picture book, Jake exhibits all the wrong behavior that would lead him to not have a good experience riding a bike. Samantha helps him to see proper choices to be safe. 9781607534433. 2015. K-2

Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka builds confidence in children to know that we all have to learn how to do tasks, but with help from others, we will succeed. The engaging watercolor pictures entice children to see that people all had to learn at one time how to ride a bicycle and it’s a skill that stays with you. 9780375870071. 2013. K-2.

Simple Bike Maintenance: Time for a Tune-Up by Lisa J. Amstutz opens our eyes to photos and simple vocabulary to teach children that all bikes need a bit of maintenance. It is easy and effective to do, so you have an enjoyable ride. This also builds self-confidence to take care of responsibility. 9781476539669. 2014. K-3.

Around the World: Bicycles by Kate Petty contains beautiful color photographs and easy words to reveal to a young child that people from all over the world ride bicycles just like they do. Children from Asia, for example, use them for many different reasons in their lives from transporting vegetables to sell in a market, having fun with their friends or getting to school each day. 9781845075545. 2012. PS-K.

Other helpful titles for young children to enjoy about learning to ride a bicycle:
Girl and the Bicycle by Mark Pett. 9781442483194. PS-2. 2014.
My Bike by Byron Barton. 9780062336996. PS-K. 2015.

Blogger: Leslie E.