Mental Illness Fiction for High and Middle School

My last post was a review of Neal Shusterman’s Challenger Deep, a story about a teen struggling through his first schizophrenic experience. With the prevalence of news stories on mental illness, I realize that I should have recommended other books for students, librarians, teachers, and parents.

The first list below is for high school—and mostly about teens that are going through some sort of mental illness. As I mentioned in my earlier post, stories like these are essential, both for those teens suffering from these illnesses, but also for the family members, friends, and school professionals who struggle to understand and deal with those teens.

All the Bright Places Before My Eyes Cameron and the Girls Challenger Deep Charm & Strange

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. 9780385755894. 2015. Gr 10-12.

Before My Eyes by Caroline Bock. 9781250045584. 2014. Gr 9-12.

Cameron and the Girls by Edward Averett. 9780547612157. 2013. Gr 8-12.

Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. 9780061134111. 2015. Gr 9-12.

Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn. 9781250021946. 2013. Gr 9-12.

Complicit Crazy Fig Freaks Like Us Get Well Soon

Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn. 9781250044594. 2014. Gr 9-12.

Crazy by Amy Reed. 9781442413474. 2012. Gr 9-12.

Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz. 9781481423588. 2015. Gr 9-12.

Freaks Like Us by Susan Vaught. 9781599908724. 2012. Gr 9-12.

Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern. 9780312581480. 2009. Gr 8-12.

Law of Loving Others Made You Up Museum of Intangible Things Schizo

The Law of Loving Others by Kate Axelrod. 9781595147899. 2015. Gr 10-12.

Made You Up by Francesca Zappia. 9780062290106. 2015. Gr 9-12.

The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder. 9781595145147. 2014. Gr 9-12.

Schizo by Nic Sheff. 9780399164378. 2014. Gr 9-12.

The following titles are geared toward middle schoolers. They include books not only about kids who have mental illness, but also about young people dealing with a mental illness in a family member. Most of these books have older pub dates, but the issues are still current.

Almost Eden Black Box Black-Eyed Suzie Border Crossing Everything Is Fine.

Almost Eden by Anita Horrocks. 9780887767425. 2009. Gr 5-8.

Black Box by Julie Schumacher. 9780385735421. 2008. Gr 7-9.

Black-Eyed Suzie by Susan Shaw. 9781563977299. 2002. Gr 6-9.

Border Crossing by Jessica Lee Anderson. 9781571316899. 2009. Gr 6-9.

Everything Is Fine. by Ann Dee Ellis. 9780316013642. 2009. Gr 7-10.

Invisible Silhouetted by the Blue Stop Pretending Without Tess

Invisible by Pete Hautman. 9780689868009. 2005. Gr 7-12.

Silhouetted by the Blue by Traci L. Jones. 9780374369149. 2011. Gr 6-8.

Stop Pretending : What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy by Sonya Sones. 9780060283872. 1999. Gr 6-9.

Without Tess by Marcella Pixley. 9780374361747. 2011. Gr 7-9.

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