Series Review : Cool STEAM Careers

wild photog athletic trainer CSI nurse

Wildlife Photographer by Barbara A. Somervill. 9781633625693. 2015.  Gr. 4-7.
Athletic Trainer by Samantha Bell. 9781633625556. 2015. Gr. 4-7.
Crime Scene Investigator by Tamra B. Orr. 9781633626461. 2015. Gr. 4-7.
Nurse by Kevin Cunningham. 9781633625617. 2015. Gr. 4-7.

Earlier this year I did a review of a STEM career series for high school. Another career series crossed my desk this summer that would be a beneficial addition to an upper elementary or middle school collection. This August, Cherry Lake Publishing is releasing 16 more books in their 21st Century Skills Library: Cool STEAM Careers series.

Each book starts from the perspective of a child wondering about the career with a casual, conversational tone. In Athletic Trainer a younger brother is at his sister’s basketball game and notices the person with the first-aid kit running out on the count. “’Who’s that?’ Jack asked his mom.” The book then goes on to describe responsibilities as well as skills and interests needed for the job. The careers are realistically represented, pointing out both positive and negative aspects. Being a crime scene investigator isn’t always as exciting as seen on TV. It also involves a lot of paperwork!

Now with 24 titles, the series covers a variety jobs including some newer careers as well as professions not often represented such as urban planner, cyber cop, and wildlife photographer. I appreciate the photos in the books featuring a diverse population. I also like the call out boxes connecting the job to the 5 STEAM areas of study. Each book highlights vocabulary related to the profession and back matter provides suggestions and links to additional information. These titles are certain to entice young students into exploring their career options.

Architect by Samantha Bell. 9781633625549. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Cyber Cop by Wil Mara. 9781633625570. 2015. GR. 4-7.
FBI Special Agent by Wil Mara. 9781633625587. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Forensic Psychologist by Susan H. Gray. 9781633625594. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Forensic Science Investigator by Tamra B. Orr. 9781633625600. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Robot Scientist by Kevin Cunningham. 9781633625624. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Sound Engineer by Wil Mara. 9781633625631. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Sports Medicine Doctor by Samantha Bell. 9781633625648. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Storm Chaser by Susan H. Gray. 9781633625655. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Veterinarian by Barbara A. Somervill. 9781633625662. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Video Game Designer by Kevin Cunningham. 9781633625679. 2015. GR. 4-7.
Volcanologist by Kevin Cunningham. 9781633625686. 2015. GR. 4-7.

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