Talking about Peace

keepingthepeace“What is one thing you can do to be a peacemaker?”

This question is posed in Keeping the Peace: The Kids’ Book of Peacemaking, which you may remember from my last post. I loved the way the books in this series can open a discussion in a classroom or small group about topics like peace, and I wanted to share a few more books to add to the discussion that will help young readers to answer the question posed above.

peaceisanofferingPeace is an Offering by Annette LeBox is a small book with a warm message that there are many ways that all of us can create or find peace. Peace is sharing, comforting, and appreciating. We can find it with our friends, family, and neighbors. The diverse group of kids in this book share moments of gratitude, kindness, and courage when they come together rather than pull apart. This book is a lovely way to make the idea of peace accessible to young readers. (9780803740914. 2015. Gr. Ps-2)

peaceIn Peace, Wendy Halperin brings in the words of famous people from Albert Einstein to Mark Twain and many others as she explains how peace begins within each of us and affects us all. Each spread is full of quotations mixed in with small illustrations showcasing the many, many ways we all work together to create a more peaceable world. This is a book to pore over closely and talk about one-on-one. For those young readers who have the patience to discover all this book has to offer, it offers a powerful message. (9780689825521. 2013. Gr. K-3)

September 21st—International Peace Day—is an opportunity to share these books with your students and ask them what they can do to create peace. You can get more information about how we can participate in this important day from the United Nations.

Further reading:

A Little Peace by Barbara Kerley. 9781426300868. 2007. Gr. 1-5

Peace, Baby! By Linda Ashman. 9781452106137. 2013. Gr. Ps-1

The Peace Book by Todd Parr. 9780316835312. 2004. Gr. Ps-2

Peace One Day: The Making of World Peace Day by Jeremy Gilley. 9780399243301. 2005. Gr. 4-6

What Does Peace Feel Like? By Vladimir Radunsky. 9780689866760. 2004. Gr. K-3

Why Do We Fight? By Niki Walker. 9781926973869. 2013. Gr. 5-8 – Read more about this book in this post: War & Peace

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